Better than your Favourite Take-Out

     One time, I was told a friend of a friend story about my favourite pad thai place and since then, I’ve been… well, for lack of better word, completely traumatized. I love pad thai, it’s spicy, peanutty goodness. I had seen a few vegan pad thai recipes floating around my favourite blogs and finally, whilst he was away (he likes his meat) I decided to take a whack at it. I was surprised by how quick it was done, and how quickly I ate it. This is probably better than any pad thai I’ve ever had. Let’s get to it!


I don’t know what took me so long to pick up heirloom carrots, but  I know it took me all together too long. Carrots are my healthy guilty pleasure, I always have at least two bags that serve as snacks, salad additives or vitamin rich juice (which later turns into really delicious muffins). This dish was special though. I had seen a post on Tumblr about vegan pad thai and knew I had to take a swing at it. Want to try?

What you need
Pad Thai Nonoodles

1 yellow/orange pepper – julienne
4 carrots – spiraled
1 zucchini – spiraled
5 cleaned cloves of garlic – squashed and diced
Onion to taste

You’re probably thinking, wait, spiraled? Yes! Spiraled! Grab your vegetable peeler and, allbeit, very carefully, peel the carrot and zucchini into spirals/strands. It should resemble long pieces of spaghetti. This is also a great way to replace some of your pasta and save some calories.


What You Need
Pad Thai Sauce

1/4 cup reduced sodium soy sauce
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp natural crunchy peanut butter
Dried chili flakes to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

Prior to cooking, prepare your sauce so that you can simply add it in. This dish is a quick cook. Start by sauteing your onions and garlic. I used red onions, it’s one of my preferred tastes, but you can use whatever kind you want. You might be thinking, wow, that’s a lot of garlic, but I promise, the sauce is going to completely counter the garlic. You won’t regret it. Slightly cook the onions and garlic in a large pan. Once very lightly browned, add in all of your vegetables. It’s easiest to move the strands with tongs. Cook on medium low until almost tender. Combine with pre-made sauce and cook until all of your veggies are tender and the peanut butter has melted.


You can add any kind of meat you want to this dish. I’ve done chicken (perfect with the garlic and PB) or shrimp (light and fresh, perfect for lunch). I have got to reiterate, this is a quick cook. It will take longer to prepare your ingredients so don’t walk away from this one. Patience is a virtue and you won’t regret it when you not only have a delicious but healthy dinner! Easy peasy!

Do you like to substitute your noodle for nonoodles? How do you prepare them? I need to get my hands on a spiraler! What about peanut sauce? I want to make it a little spicier next time around.


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