Guilty Pleasures and why I give into them


Yes, this blog is about eating healthy, but since we’re just meeting and we’re becoming friends, maybe I should air some dirty laundry. I may talk a big game of simple proteins, vegetable pulp and an arsenal of cinnamon laden recipes but… I am a human, just like each of you. I know, surprise, I’m not a robot, or a spoon. I’m just a girl.

When life gets tough and I just want to eat some of my feelings, what do I reach for? Well, I’m happy you asked…


So that’s it. I’m happy to have gotten that out of the way. I’ve got an insatiable hunger for literally all of the things above. There’s no trick to “saying no” because while most of the time, you should be saying, “probably not” sometimes you can totally say “yeah, why the hell not!”

The secret to successful healthy eating habits is genuinely two fold. One, do not label it a diet. Don’t. You’re basically setting yourself up for failure. If you want to start eating healthy it has to be a commitment. You have to appreciate the benefits that each green choice gives you. When I eat dark greens, I know that my body feels better, much more agile, my hair tends to be shinier and my skin is brighter. When I eat my favourite water based fruits, my face is glowing and I have enough energy to run a marathon. When I have enough vitamin B and all it’s components, I feel balanced, clear and ready to take on any task.

I started noticing this significant change early February, a little over a month deep into eating green. I was never tired when I woke up in the morning and I felt so energetic. My workouts were longer and I felt the results were increasing every day. That time, I was cold-turkey. I was hellbent on eating green and no complex carb could stop me! It was around summer time when I faltered to a cheeseburger, and well, the recovery wasn’t a great time. Your body will take time to adjust to the green, but it also has to adjust back to digesting preservatives.

My bottom line advice, keep it balanced. Treat yourself but don’t go crazy. Don’t always say yes, but when you do, make sure you enjoy it!


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  1. Very encouraging post. I have been enjoying your blog today looking at all your recipes and finding inspiration to eat even healthier than how I am already eating. So, thanks for that! 🙂

    1. greenspoons says:

      This is truly amazing to read – that’s my goal! I want to inspire! Thank you so much for the support! If you ever have any recipe ideas you want to bounce around, I’m always interested! 🙂

      1. ok, great! Thank you for that. I may take you up on that offer. This year one of my goals was to learn more about a plant-based diet, one that incorporates more veggies and fruits. I feel like your website and recipes do just that.

        How long have you been eating “green”?

      2. greenspoons says:

        I got serious about cooking green in 2012. I’ve learned so much since then but notice such a huge difference in myself when i take them time to prepare healthy food. One of the biggest challenges of a “green diet” is to not label it. I’m not vegan, vegetarian and I’m surely not on a diet. I have trained myself to crave and exponentially enjoy healthier options. It’s one part healthy choices, one part will, one part complete psychological acceptance!

      3. That’s great! Keep doing what you are doing on your blog because you are helping me and I’m sure others think about a healthier lifestyle and learn how to do so.

        What are the top unhealthy things that you avoid? 🙂

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