The Grown-Up Lunchable

Today, I began brainstorming for my Twenty Thirteen blog post. It’s infinitely personal, and I’ve yet to choose the medium I’m going to grace it with #shamelessplug #cliffhanger #therealsarahtaylor. One thing I am elated to have learned, and won’t soon forget is the power of a good lunch. All too often, noon hits and I tell myself, I’m good with just an XL Coffee with some milk and stevia. Wrongo. I mean, sure I could probably propel through the next few hours with the sweet nectar of the caffeine gods but – a big green lunch is always the best bet. My go-to is typically salad – tossing in raw kale when I can. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the bitterness of this leafy green, I suggest French dressing – delicious!


     I bet I know what you’re thinking – you don’t make friends with salad! Well, not with THAT attitude, you don’t. I love adding different greens like red and green leaf, romaine and cabbages to my salad. Toss in some orange and yellow peppers for some crunch and colour. I am a self-proclaimed tomatoaholic, so naturally, I top it off with some wedges.

The trick is not to put all of your eggs in one basket. I mean… all your veggies in one bowl. I love making tosses with carrot medallions, cucumbers and snap peas. This changes up the lunch and makes it a little more fun!

This day was special, we discovered a phenomenal local Asian take out resto and #confession, I’ve always been a sucker for spring rolls. Carrots, lettuce, beans, tofu, cilantro and onions all wrapped up in organic rice paper. My ultimate favourite dipping sauce is spicy peanut – do you guys have any clean sautee suggestions? I’ve gotta try to make my own so I can feel guilt free about drizzling it on everything!

I try to have at least two pieces of fruit per day, one almost always being an apple. I’m impartial to Granny Smiths, Gala and Ambrosia, their softer skin is easier to eat and digest. Did you know that a large apple is more effective than that afternoon coffee for your quick jolt? Pair it with some crunchy PB and you’ve got yourself some go-time until at least 6pm.

What is your favourite lunch? Do you pack it and take it on the go? Do you prepack Sundays for the week so it’s easy to grab early in the morning so you don’t have to choose between blow drying your hair and doing your makeup?


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  1. Ani says:

    My favorite lunch is fresh veggies and hummus, or a roasted vegetable sandwich with hummus. So yummy and flavorful – and it can be super quick!

    1. Yum! I was just having the humming about hummus last night with some friends. Do you have a go-to recipe, Ani? 🙂

      1. Ani says:

        I havent posted just a basic recipe (I should get on that), but here are two variations that are great for something a little different – and

      2. Ani, this is amazing! I never thought about the peas! Officially on my list! #Confession; I love love love carrots. I call them my healthy guilty pleasure because for real… raw, juiced, baked, roasted, boiled, broiled, I’m about that life. Thank you so much for the links!

      3. Ani says:

        Enjoy and let me know if you like them 🙂 That is how I feel about sweet potatoes!! Literally obsessed.

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