Throw some Green in ya cup!

Hey friends! Good to see you all again, this time in 2014! I hope you all had joyous holidays filled with countless gingerbread men, endless chocolate peppermint truffles and all the chardonnay possible! Now, going into a brand new year, you’ve probably made some resolutions. Is one of them to eat better? Most likely. You’ve come to the right place, you know.

 Reminder; eating healthy should be viewed as a lifestyle, not a choice. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to some yummy snacks every now and then but learn to incorporate your favourite flavours into your green spoons. I know a raw kale salad is a far cry from a warm QP but c’mon, after that beefy-cheesy mess you’re going to be so tired and full of sodium. But after that kale salad that you tossed with balsamic and cranberries and raw sunflower seeds, you will be vibrant and energetic! Promise.

 Despite my holiday meanderings, I tried my best to keep as green as possible. Maybe not 80-20…probably more 70-30…eep… maybe. Anyways, once the endless (but seemingly not so endless) Christmas cookie care package was through, I had to get some greens back in my paws.

Some people are pretty picky about their greens, some don’t even enjoy the taste. I’m a big fan of the green smoothie – sometimes I don’t have the patience or time for two or three salads laden with spinach, romaine, kale and broc. So what’s my solution?

I may be one of those girls with the stereotypical coffee cup on her hand but 6 times out of 10, that disposable paper apparatus is switched up with my handy plastic bottle, filled with green, pink and white concoctions. On my busy days, like the past month, it’s typically green. Perfect energy boost for your mid-day blues, great lunch on the go!

OH GUYS! I got a new blender for Christmas… so… my smoothie game is reaching some pretty serious heights. I hope you’re as excited as I am!


     I knew I wanted greens, but I was craving some sweet fruits too. I’ve got an whole bunch of frozen bananas that carb me up! Keep it simple sometimes, not everything needs to go in the blender. Some frozen chopped bananas, two sliced apples and a whole bunch of spinach with some cold water make for a simple, delicious green smoothie that will energize you, fill you and carb you up! You can thank me later! Such an easy way to get your greens in.


      And for those days when you REALLY want your greens, well, I got pretty serious about this one. Apple, kale, spinach, cucumber, green seedless grapes, broccoli, fresh parsley, lemon juice and water will give you quite literally the meanest greenest smoothie you will be blessed with toting around. The trick is to really liquify your blend, add enough water so that it’s not quite a liquid, but still smooth enough to drink.

I mostly enjoy green smoothies on my lunch breaks at work, where I tend to wander around the mall, perusing other stores sale racks, forever hunting for another perfect purse. I always get a kick out of associates reactions, I find that their eyes dart right to my bright green blends and I can only imagine that are thinking, stay away from the new collection.

What’s your favourite smoothie blend? Do you like green smoothies? When do you like to enjoy and energize with your go-to smoothie? Happy blending!


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