Lazy Dinner; Turkey Sausage & Avocado Pesto

Much to my own despair, every now and then, I have literally no energy to bust out the pans, coconut oil and wooden spoons. Sometimes, I just want cheesy pizza or a warm cheeseburger. Don’t we all, tho? I’m getting better at yanking myself out of that notion, out of the laziness and trying out some of my favourites and whipping them into something quick and tasty. This is going to take you maybe… 25 minutes. Ready?


What You Need
Avocado Pesto

2 cups spinach
2 stalks kale
2 tbsp parsley
2 tbsp basil
1 tbsp paprika
1/4 cup EVOO (add slowly, you may use less)
2 tbsp lemon juice
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 ripe avocado

In a large food processor, combine all (until salt and pepper) until smooth, slowly adding your olive oil until the desired consistency. Spoon out and into a large bowl. Add sliced avocado and stir until combined. Refrigerate until you are ready to use.

Fill a large pot with water and a little bit of olive oil to prevent sticking. Bring to a boil and add in your pasta of choice. We chose brown rice spaghetti for this one, because it’s fun to twirl. Boil until tender. Heat a pan over medium high heat with a tablespoon of oil, and when warm, add sausage. Sear until two sides are golden brown, then, add half a cup of water to cook fully. Once entirely cooked, remove from pan and disregard water. Slice sausage into medallions, re-oil your pan and toss with salt and pepper. I personally like to get some golden colour on each side of the medallions, adding texture and rich flavour.

Once cooked, in the same bowl as your pesto, combine sausage, strained pasta and one ripe, diced tomato and stir until completely combined. Serve twirled together, with any sides tucked into the dish. We opted for steamed broccoli, a delicious pairing to the pesto.

Do you have an award worthy pesto recipe? I like to keep it simple and wholesome! Don’t forget to twirl and enjoy!


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  1. What kind of turkey sausage do you use? The kind the comes in links or like ground breakfast sausage? Thanks.

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