Just Juice It!

PSA alert!  If you are constantly looking for the newest and next diet, fastest way to shed the LBS, easiest way to feel full and energized sans carbs – this post is for you.

Firstly,  STOP TREND DIETING! THERE, I SAID IT! You know what,  you should stop dieting all together! The way you eat should be as close of a reflection to your confidence,  your demeanor,  your passion – the food you consume must be a lifestyle, as stable as possible, based strictly on the health benefits and how you feel. It’s not about cutting carbs, in fact, I want you to eat sweet potato,  oatmeal and crunchy pb sprinkled with cinnamon tomorrow for breakfast.  And it’s not about cutting sugar, its about eating foods that have been untouched, unprocessed, whole and natural.

One trend (I begrudgingly say) diet that I advocate is juicing. Juicing has been under a ton of scrutiny lately, mostly reflecting it’s extreme diet concept. We are constantly shown extreme juicing which, studies believe, increase risks of proED among contesters.  Women, and men, are lead to believe that cleanse juicing is an easy way drop pounds, and in a handful of cases, appetite decreased either by desire or choice. This is extreme juicing – not exactly the whole story.

Lemme do some debunking here. As a juice advocate of 3 years,  I do not sporadically juice to cleanse, to lose weight nor do I only consume juice. Do you know why I love juicing? Because I can be #rawtill4 , I can reap the benefits and energy of nutrient packed vegetables, and juiced ginger is actually a miracle worker.  Bottom line: juice often! It’s an easy way to gain a ton of nutrients and vitamins, easily and deliciously!

Today, I’ve got 4 small carrots, 3 small apples, 2 small beets,  4 stalks of celery,  half a large cucumber and a thumb of ginger. This is my go-to juice when I’m feeling under the weather, or when I need a boost! On the right, I’ve got romain, spinach,  kale, 1 ripe banana, berries and a cup of cold filtered water. Green smoothies are a regular but you probably noticed that. I’ve also got two bananas and 2 raw VegaBars. What’s in your jar? What do you like to juice? What do you think about juicing?



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