Lunchin ain’t easy.

Just kidding, it is!  Some people are like,  wow awesome you work at a mall, you can have Chipotle and Starbucks everyday! Sure I can but can my bank account?  Can my waistline?? I love lunch, and I tend to eat a lot of it! It’s a great way to boost your energy. Todays lunch: broccoli casserole with cauliflower,  quinoa, sprinkled with parm, held together with the ellusive flax egg. Followed by quinoa parfait with yogurt and mixed berry compote. To top it off, I was craaaving juice so I stopped by Freshly Squeezed and grabbed a cup full of carrots, apples, kale and ginger. What are you having for lunch?



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  1. I find your posts very inspiring. 🙂 I’m glad I found you here on word press!

    1. greenspoons says:

      Thank you so much, wordpress is a great platform for us to all share out stories! Happy to have found you 🙂

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