The Breakfast Club


Guilty as charged, I don’t always push myself to have breakfast. We’re so busy, we can’t miss the bus,  traffic has a window of literally 15 minutes – thw list is virtually never ending. Breakfast for me is typically reserved for a day off.

I gotta say tho, foodies, I wish I could whip my butt into the routine – do ya’ll know the benefits of breaky? It can be your first shot of protein,  iron and calcium, vitamin C, A and B – ENERGY! Hands down the best way to get your juices flowing is to scramble some eggs, toast some quinoa and wheat bread and stir up some cold yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit. Seriously.  The myths are true – breakfast is the perfect weight management tactic. By taking in lean proteins and carbs,  your metabolism is kickstarted before you even walk out of the house.

If you’re thinking of breakfast before the gym, let me suggest baked sweet potato with peanut butter (just tryyyy it) or oatmeal. I love rolled oats but when possible steel cut oats are a new favourite. Hey, you could even have quinoa. Need some inspiration? Bananas, blueberries and cinnamon, berry compote, bananas, pb, cinnamon and honey are sweet ways to start yiur morning off right.


Even better? Go raw! Bottom line guys,  make friends with breakfast! What’s on your greenspoons?


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  1. Didn’t eat breakfast for some months, now that I do, the start in the day really is a more pleasant one.

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