What About Breakfast at Sarah’s?

I think about breakfast most of the day. No seriously, imagine a a big hot plate of maple glazed bacon, some nice, peppery sunny side up eggs over a warm crumpet with some crispy potato and mushroom hash after you get home from a long day of work snuggled up in your favourite blanket watching Netflix!?


…. Sorry, that was truly uncalled for. Now back to reality. This blog post isn’t about that. I have been embracing breakfast more, so as to eat heavy early and light late. Saturday and Sunday are notably reserved for breakfast cooked in oil, butter and bacon fat. Weekdays though, weekdays are for warriors, and I try my damndest to be a warrior.

What exactly do I mean by weekday warrior? Sure you’ve heard of the couch potato waging war on house hold chores and kicking do-to lists to the curb in favour of sweatpants, chinese take out and wine. To be a weekday warrior, you must have a clear vision, a notion of what you want your week to be right down to the food you eat. Meal planning isn’t a new craze but it’s one of the more difficult habits to wrap your brain around. How many days do you prep for? Won’t you get sick of having the same thing for 3 or 4 days in a row? My solution is to stop over-thinking it! Just stop! Oh, and stop hitting the snooze button.

At the McDub’s residence, we’re starting starting to really understand the benefit of breakfasts, even if it means we lose some valuable shut eye. Check out any clean eating, healthy inspo instagram and you’ll find breakfast bowls galore! We’ve had our fair share of macro bowls and veggie bowls, noodle bowls and rice bowls, but we have yet to experiment with breakfast bowls. So, after a fruitful trip to Bulk Barn, our first breakfast bowl was a must!


Quinoa oats are surprisingly tough and I wouldn’t call my first attempt a success but the mix-ins gave it some life. Vitamin K rich dried blueberries and dried cherries (high in copper) for some sweetness, and our new friends, the goji berry to bring the beta-carotene to the party and supplied our morning with colour. Then garnished with protein packed raw and unsalted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and paired with the ever-so-amazing chai seed, our breakfast gave us a massive boost, fueling not only a complete grocery haul, but an exceptional leg day at the gym.

Breakfast bowls are considerably a great way to pack in some essential nutrients early in the day. Cereals made from rolled, steal cut or quinoa oats, even chia cereal are all amazing ways to add fiber, protein and energy to your day in a big and easy way. I’ve been dabbling in chia cereal, so keep your eyes open for that…. there may be a teaser on my Twitter account, a little hidden chia egg if you will.

So, take breakfast cereal-sly, crack an egg or two, throw some honey and fruit in those oats and conquer your day!


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