The Why

Food isn’t about labels. I became really excited about food early 2013, when I committed to myself to start eating whole foods. I was pretty strict for the first 6 months, granted it took the first 3 months for my body to learn how to digest all of the unprocessed foods I was consuming. However, that faithful  summer day I dove into a cheeseburger for the first time in countless weeks, I felt it for days after. I spent the rest of the summer in limbo, balancing 80-20 without knowing it.

2013 taught me that that 20% might be delicious but that 80% can be even better and a million times more rewarding.

      People who I spoke to about this change tried to label it. I wasn’t vegetarian, and I definitely wasn’t vegan. Clean eating was the closest contender, shadowing on Paleo for the first few months of interest. When I began indulging in that 20%, I  learned that treating yourself is natural, but the post-treat feeling of physical fatigue was distressing. I had to teach my body to crave the good treats; the berries, the dark chocolate, the froyo. Before I knew it, I was cringing at milk chocolate aperitifs and indulging in 75%, 80% dark cocoa chocolate, even better infused with mint (thank you Lindt). I found myself in the convenience store, faced with my old addiction of Cherry Blasters, and while my mouth watered at the thought, I found my mind and my stomach leaping towards a bright berry smoothie with fresh squeezed lime juice, the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

Eating better starts as a choice, but, if done right, will become a lifestyle. You will wonder how you got through your day without a smoothie, and when your friends are puzzled about salad toppers, you will be there to guide them. Beyond that, you will feel better; your eyes will be brighter, your hair will be stronger, your back straighter, your teeth whiter, your smile brighter. You will be more energetic and lively, vibrant and loud. It’s truly amazing how feeling good about the choices you make and knowing you are choosing things that are optimal for your body can change your outlook on your day, your week and your life.

So what’s a Green Spoon?

Any time in the kitchen to me is therapy and, to be totally honest, I rarely cook by measuring any of the ingredients (that explains why I don’t bake…). Whether it’s stir fry, sauces, pasta, granola – I play my measurements by eye knowing what flavours I want to bring out  the most. So, I use my Green Spoons – I’ve been pretty successful so far. Let’s get started, the only way to do that is to start talking about it! Vegucation, my friends.

Sarah Taylor


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