I got that summertime smoothie sadness

Smoothies have a familiar reputation of being simple. Sure, you get your favourite fruit, toss it in a blender, hit GO and in a few minutes, you’ve got a bevvy fit for a God.


As an avid clean eater, I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner, winter, fall, summer or spring. Literally, any time, for real, try me. Summertime smoothies are special because most of your fruit can be completely fresh picked, ripe and still with the stem. This gem was full of perfect seasonal morsels. I love pairing it with my favourite yogurt and some pulp free OJ. Water is also good, but tends to be more of a juice than a smoothie. Can I let you in on a secret? Put some fresh squeezed lime juice (I’ve got a weakness, what can I say), or for a delectable post-dinner blend, add a few spoonfuls of lime sorbet. Pure, satisfaction.

Have you tried adding greens to your pink mixes? Spinach is an incredibly easy add, and if you’re feeling really ballsy, the tartness of fresh kale works perfectly with fruit and lime juice. You’ll see my take on that soon enough. The trick is to really blend it. I recently read an article that said if you’re smoothie has added greens and is a tint of brown, you did it right!


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